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3D printed replacement parts

My freezer compartment doors now open and close instead of lifting out thanks to Adrian's 3D printer:

Base layer of printed plastic insert Finished printed plastic insert Comparison of printed and original parts

I've had to glue all but one of them in place as some of the plastic to hold them in has actually broken off the door itself, but they work quite well:

Simple Pure Soap is awful

My local ASDA has stopped selling their Smart Price soap and the next cheapest alternative is Simple Pure Soap. There's no "Value" soap in Tesco either so I had to try the "Simple" soap. It costs four times as much and smells awful.

Comparison of both soaps
ASDA soapSimple soap
ShapeRounded (reasonably smooth edges)Rounded (too thick with hard edges)
Price9.3p per 100g40p per 100g
SmellLightly scentedAwful

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