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Shrinking toilet paper

Less than two years since they last did it, ASDA have applied shrinkflation to their own brand toilet paper "Shades So Soft" again. This time the sheets are shorter and you get fewer of them. In April you could buy 24 rolls with a total area of 63.20m² for £8.00 but from May the same 24 rolls (also £8.00) have a total area of only 59.18m². That's 1½ rolls less paper for the same price. We're now down over 2 whole rolls of paper since 2016.

Contents: 24 rolls, 2 ply tissue. Average 210 sheets per roll. Sheet size 120mm x 104.5mm. Total area 63.20m².
63.20m² for £8.00 (2018-04-02)
Contents: 24 rolls, 2 ply tissue. Average 200 sheets per roll. Sheet size 118mm x 104.5mm. Total area 59.18m².
59.18m² for £8.00 (2018-05-02)

They're still advertising it as Bigger Pack Better Value too.

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