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I slept better last night and got up at 8am then met everyone, including Adrian and Crystal, at 10am when we went to Pier 39 via the cable car. We had an early lunch before noon at Wipeout Bar & Grill (Chicken burger) before locating the Muir Woods tour just before 1pm.

First we stopped at the Marin Headlands with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge before heading on to Muir Woods itself just after 2pm where we were able to walk around for an hour and a half before getting back on the bus to visit the Muir Beach Overlook and then went to Sausalito to catch the ferry back to San Francisco shortly before 5pm.

Dinner was at Asia SF where something of everything on the menu arrived over the course of the evening - this was quite overpriced. We left at 9pm and went to the Union Square Sports Bar for a couple of hours.

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