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After wasting most of the morning in the Hilton lobby waiting for people to appear we headed towards "AT&T Park" to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Pittsburgh Pirates. The game started just after 1pm and aside from a 10-run inning and Nate McLouth getting hit in the head with the ball it was mostly uneventful. And cold. The weather was unusually hot the past few days and there was a chilly wind coming in from the bay today. The Giants won 11-6.

This was the last day in San Francisco before flying to Los Angeles tomorrow and I hadn't been up Coit Tower yet, I quickly left with Thomas and Jared to visit it before the fog made it impossible. Buses always appear when you're about to give up and get a taxi. Once up there a queue quickly forms for the elevator back down, but we made it just in time to get a taxi to Jillian's Billiards at the Metreon for dinner.

Adrian and Crystal had arrived before us and got us a table, while Jeff, Koen, and Jeroen arrived 5 minutes after us. I had spaghetti with Italian sausage before we all left far too early shortly before 8pm, which is unfortunate as there were pool tables free. Plenty of time to re-pack my suitcase...

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