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Buy your own me today!

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An email from PayPal:

You have received a Pending credit card payment. However, to reduce credit card processing costs for accounts that do not pay fees, the ability to receive credit card payments is limited to Premier and Business accounts.
Payment Details

Total Amount: 0.01 GBP
Quantity: 1
Item/Product Name: Simon Arlott
Buyer: Neil Bryson
Message: Thanks :)

"Why is this person buying me?"

After tracking down the IP from accesses to the donation link on my website I found out who it was:

(19:56:40) Simon: was that you? :P
(19:56:50) Duncan: was what me?
(19:56:54) Simon: Payment Received - Name: Neil Bryson (The sender of this payment is Non-US - Unverified)
(19:57:05) Duncan: is my name neil bryson?
(19:57:07) Simon: it came from your ip address :P
(19:57:14) Simon: so it has to be someone on your connection
(19:57:17) Duncan: yes, neil is my flatmate
(19:57:28) Simon: tell him I can't accept credit card donations
(19:57:33) Duncan: haha
(19:57:36) Simon: Item Amount: 0.01 GBP
(19:57:42) Duncan: haha
(19:58:05) Duncan: a penny?
(19:58:11) Simon: yes
(19:58:18) Duncan: hahaha

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