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A couple of weeks ago I was on holiday in Sydney. When I arrived it was early evening so I had dinner at the hotel and went to bed.

I walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and visited the art gallery and various museums. After buying a hat I walked from Bondi Beach to South Coogee.

Being winter at the time, the early nights meant that the Light events of the Vivid Sydney festival were open in the evening. It's a good thing I went to the Royal Botanic Garden before it started because there were a number of barriers restricting access for the duration of Vivid. They don't take them down during the day (including the barriers on the harbour blocking access to some of the seating!).

I've been up to the Sydney Tower Eye (not as impressive a view as it could be with all the other high rise buildings in the way) and toured both chambers of Parliament House.

Using the extensive public transport system I visited Centennial Park, Manly and Kamay Botany Bay National Park (which was almost deserted at the time).

I spent a day at Taronga Zoo then stayed for the Vivid Sydney event Lights For The Wild.

Despite being over 10,000 miles away I was still able to watch the latest episodes of Doctor Who on the TV in my hotel.

On the last day I took a tour of the Blue Mountains which I recommend for the amazing views.

There was a wide variety of restaurants available in the evening such that I didn't eat the same meal twice. For breakfast however I had a pistachio and chocolate roulade almost every day from a nearby French patisserie.

I took a few hundred photos and some videos.

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