Shrinking soap

Johnson's have shrinkflated their packs of soap from 4x100g down to 2x90g bars. This had been selling for £1 for several years so it was overdue for a simple price increase, but instead of doing that they've gone for the deceptive option of shrinking the product to make it appear cheaper when actually it won't last as long; the extra packaging will increase the overall cost and produce more waste.

The price is still £1 but that now only gets you 180g instead of 400g of soap - an increase of 222% with more outer packaging per bar.

Johnson's Baby Honey Soap (pack of 4x100g bars)
4x100g (2014-2022)
£1.00 (25p per 100g)

Johnson's Baby Honey Soap (pack of 2x90g bars)
2x90g (2022)
£1.00 (55.6p per 100g)

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