Zigbee multi-channel light controller

With a recent oven purchase I only had one device left that required the clock to be manually synchronised - a timer that I use to turn a light on in the morning. Having had to replace some remote controlled sockets with Zigbee variants I decided to do the same with the light timer so that it can be controlled by a computer that always has the correct time.

That worked ok but I wanted more integration with the light switch and since my living room lights could already be remotely switched by a different system I have consolidated both of them into a single light controller. There aren't any existing solutions for this that can handle multiple lights and multiple switches (you can have one relay/switch, or multiple relays plus multiple switches but Zigbee doesn't guarantee good integration in that scenario).

Using an ESP32-C6 I've made my own solution, the "Candle Dribbler" that satisfies my obscure requirements for how remotely controllable light switches should behave:

Left to right, low down on the wall: Opened double gang box with glowing red relays inside and 4 light switches on the front. Open single gang box with ESP32 microcontroller board hanging out of it. Open single gang box with cables hanging out.

Left to right, low down on the wall: Double gang fitting with 4 light switches labelled (FB M, LR C, LR L, LR R). Single gang box with ESP32-C6 inside behind a transparent plastic cover. Single gang socket with power supply.

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