Visit to London

After squashing everything into my suitcase last night, I left just after 9am for the train to Edinburgh, which was about 5 minutes late... arriving at Waverley on time I was soon on the four-and-a-half-hour journey to King's Cross - arriving just before 3pm where I then got on the Piccadilly line tube (full but not too busy) and walked to the hotel.

Once I had checked in, I met up with Peter, Thomas, Gavin, Jeff, Joe and Colin at The Courtfield around 4:30pm where they had been since late morning. After a shift change and early in the evening the bar manager came over and actually complained that we weren't buying enough drinks! Dinner at ASK was booked for 8:30pm but we got fed up waiting and went there early just before 7pm. They were able to seat us fairly quickly and Pierre arrived after 8pm.

After the meal (Gamberi al Forno (marinated prawns), Lasagne Verdi, and Honeycomb Cheesecake), we all went home around 9pm because several of our group hadn't slept for quite a long time. The hotel's wireless internet access isn't free - something which is not mentioned on their website. It also appears to be 802.11g only, so my old 802.11b adapter was useless. I could have borrowed an adapter but they had none left. The walls don't block out much of the sound from people moving around and talking in the hotel so I got off to sleep around 1am.

USB powered doorbell

I have a second doorbell because the one in the living room is too far away to hear from the computer - especially with music playing - but it uses up AA batteries far too quickly and I don't easily notice that it's no longer ringing with the main one. So I connected it up to a USB port instead...

[USB powered doorbell]

NTP reference clocks

I've finally finished putting together the parts to connect multiple NTP reference clocks to the same serial port...

[Inside of box]

It uses three reference clocks - one GPS receiver and two radio clocks (DCF77 and MSF).

[MSF receiver]

[DCF77 receiver]

[GPS receiver]

New Bike


(The third "new ..." post in just over a month).

I was in Halfords buying panniers, new lights, a rear reflector for my aging bike which could fall apart at any moment (and part of the stand fell off earlier this week)...

I now have a Carrera Subway 1:

[Front on]

[Side on]

[Rear view]

A rechargeable front light (which won't fly off the bike if I hit a pothole like my current one) will be very useful:

[Front light]

I can also go to Tesco without trying to cycle home with heavy weights on each handlebar:

[Front light]

The only downside is that I must now put my cycle lock through the wheels instead of just the frame every time I leave it because both of them can be removed without tools.

New server

It's close to two months since I decided to replace proxima's aging hardware and two returned motherboards later I finally moved everything over on friday. It's much faster.

It's also been snowing tonight... started soon after I left for Tesco :/.

Alarm Clock

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My new alarm clock has arrived - now I won't get woken up at 7 at the weekend and can't be late for work because I forget to set an alarm. I do already have one but it's always illuminated (I can't read it from bed anyway) and only has a daily alarm.

New Printer and Young Boy

My new printer is here... but it doesn't come with a USB cable so I can't use it yet :(

ASDA are selling young boys for £5!

The Royal Bank Street Party

Was cancelled...

One week later...

[Full recycling boxes]

I didn't expect them to fill up so fast.

Recycling boxes

[Recycling boxes]

The left one is for my blue bin, the right one is for the local recycling centre. At some time in the next decade I might have recycled enough to offset the amount of sellotape used to make the boxes...

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