Cistern block hack

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I'm supposed to just drop the block into the toilet cistern but then it interferes with the flushing mechanism... hanging it from the overflow pipe is working quite well so far:

Toilet cistern with blue block

Visible power button

My new server case doesn't have a very visible power button and I don't want the reset button being pressed instead... some careful application of white correction fluid makes it easier to see:

Before (indented black power symbol) After (indented white power symbol)

Working in Paris

I was working in Neuilly-sur-Seine the previous two weeks and I found some time before I left to visit the Eiffel Tower (which I could actually see out of the office window). There was a long (1 hour 40 minutes) queue but then the actual ascent didn't take more than a few of minutes and it didn't feel as high up as I thought it would be.

Amongst my photos I also took a video of a flashing "pedestrians crossing!" sign above the road. They have a similar system to the United States where some pedestrian crossings have no red light on the driver's side (only a flashing warning triangle) so they can still drive over it as long as they don't hit anyone.

My French is quite poor despite having learned it at school for 5 years. Bonsoir.
[Euros Hoylake 2011]

A week ago I was in Hoylake, England to watch the Scottish team compete. I took plenty of photos and video of the event (with multiple cameras). As usual France, The Netherlands and Germany had most of the top 10 pilots. Maggie did very well against many of the German pilots. Fortunately at least one Scottish pilot (#38) did manage to beat Kevin (#42) who moved to the England team last year.

I don't have any GPS track logs from a pilot this time as I needed it myself to track the time of all the video cameras. The large blob of red and orange in the bottom right is the caravan area where I took all the race photos:
[My GPS track at Hoylake]

Simple Pure Soap is awful

My local ASDA has stopped selling their Smart Price soap and the next cheapest alternative is Simple Pure Soap. There's no "Value" soap in Tesco either so I had to try the "Simple" soap. It costs four times as much and smells awful.

Comparison of both soaps
ASDA soapSimple soap
ShapeRounded (reasonably smooth edges)Rounded (too thick with hard edges)
Price9.3p per 100g40p per 100g
SmellLightly scentedAwful

3D printed replacement parts

My freezer compartment doors now open and close instead of lifting out thanks to Adrian's 3D printer:

Base layer of printed plastic insert Finished printed plastic insert Comparison of printed and original parts

I've had to glue all but one of them in place as some of the plastic to hold them in has actually broken off the door itself, but they work quite well:

Move Over IPv4 (Bring on IPv6)

Move Over IPv4 (Bring on IPv6)

Over 300 people from the UK Internet community got together to mark the end of IPv4 at the London Transport Museum and promote the adoption of IPv6.

Ed Vaizey MP did an introductory speech followed by an review of IPv4 by Prof Peter Kirstein (UCL) and IPv6 by Simon McCalla (Nominet). After a short panel debate on IPv6 readiness there was a mock handover of 185/8 from IANA to RIPE NCC. Finally, Gary Feldman performed his RIPE55 song "The day the routers died" (a parody of American Pie).

I took a few photos and some video. The Internet survived unharmed (although I did turn it off at one point, sorry if you were using it at the time).


Based on an idea from a NANOG post I created a script to walk an zone and list all IPv6 hosts.

It works surprisingly well:

$ ./ 2620:0:1C00::/40

More details and a method of preventing this are in my ip6walk git repository.


Three different eBay sellers have all sold me USB Bluetooth adapters (at costs varying from very-cheap to brand-name-premium) with duplicate addresses*. I'm currently waiting for the third one to stop ignoring the law (and me) so that I can return the most recent purchase.

I was ready to give up and decide it was now impossible to buy genuine Bluetooth devices that comply with the Bluetooth Specification when I tried purchasing some Belkin adapters from Amazon, and it turns out that despite the increased cost these actually have unique addresses.

* Bluetooth adapters with duplicate addresses means that if you happen to be using your adapter within range of someone else who got theirs from the same manufacturer's batch, you'll get conflicts accessing devices because there will be two devices on the network with the same address. Avoid Dynamode and cheap unbranded devices.


Speed test: 35.93Mb/s down, 8.25Mb/s up, 19ms ping Ping test: 28ms 1ms

Finally. It took an extra 17 days to work around BT's inadequate ordering system, and then another extra 10 days for BT to send out an engineer before they could discover that they needed to override their Dynamic Line (mis-)Management system in order to allow the upstream line rate to be 10000Kbps... for a few more hours. Followed by another 3 days for it to slowly automatically increase the speed because they're incompetent and unable to override the system. Additional delay provided by AAISP caching the line check result too aggressively.

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