Runaway bin


Now my bin is trying to run away - perhaps I've not been feeding it enough?

[Runaway bin]

Broken fence

The wind has knocked part of my fence over :(

[Broken Fence]

Internet connection

Since wednesday (the 22nd) I've been able to use my ADSL connection, so I now have IPv4, (native) IPv6 and multicast IPv4 at the fastest possible speeds. :)

ADSL active!

[Nov 21 16:47:27] down
[Nov 21 16:47:29] attempting to activate
[Nov 21 16:47:31] down
[Nov 21 16:47:33] attempting to activate
[Nov 21 16:47:37] training
[Nov 21 16:47:38] channel analysis
[Nov 21 16:47:39] attempting to activate
[Nov 21 16:47:42] training
[Nov 21 16:47:44] channel analysis
[Nov 21 16:47:48] up (8128 kb/s down | 832 kb/s up)
[Nov 21 16:59:57] attempting to activate
[Nov 21 17:00:06] training
[Nov 21 17:00:08] channel analysis
[Nov 21 17:00:10] attempting to activate
[Nov 21 17:00:14] training
[Nov 21 17:00:16] channel analysis
[Nov 21 17:00:20] exchange
[Nov 21 17:00:21] up (8128 kb/s down | 832 kb/s up)

Now if only I had a username and password to connect with, and account details of where to send money...

The Royal Bank Street Party

My ticket has arrived :)

Dalgety Bay

After moving into a flat in Dalgety Bay on Saturday, I'm now waiting for a proper internet connection. The speed of dialup is really annoying me. It takes BT 14 hours to reconnect a phone line but 3 days to notice it exists and a further 7 days to activate ADSL on it...

New mouse

For a long time my old mouse has been registering two left clicks if pressed a certain way - which is really annoying. I've finally got around to replacing it with a Logitech LX3.

Where not to cut a hole in the wall


I'm putting in coax cables to redistribute the TV signal around the house and needed to put an extra socket in my room. Unfortunately there's a piece of wood right behind where I cut the hole...

Where not to cut a hole in the wall

Graduation Ceremony

After having to wake up at 6:30am(!) to get to the morning graduation ceremony at the Festival Theatre, I'm now back home. Everything went fine until it started raining on the garden party just after 4pm (which we entered from the wrong side...). I now have my degree certificate and a free alumni pin.

BSc (Hons)

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The waiting for the results is finally over... I'll graduate with a First-Class Honours degree in Computer Science :)

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